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13 MAY 2021

10.45-11 am Introduction


Early Career Workshop, led by The Care Collective (Andreas Chatzidakis, Catherine Rottenberg, Jamie Hakim, Jo Littler)
11 am-12 pm

Panel 1

Chair: Jo Littler (City University of London)

‘People not tasks’: How carers challenge the commodification of care

Rosie Harrison (Lancaster University)

Care, emotions and globalization in meshwork theory

Giacomo Lampredi (University of Florence- University of Turin)

Care and Crisis in the American Revolutionary War

Meg Roberts (University of Cambridge)

12-1 pm

Panel 2

Chair: Jamie Hakim (University of East Anglia)

Negotiating Daily Practices of Care Labour in Paid Home-Based Elderly Care in Turkey

Gizem Irmak Sel (Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences)

Can Parveen come out to play? Middle-class women’s work in Pakistan

Cecilie Mueenuddin (University of Oxford)

Self (care) in the times of the pandemic

Ashwin Tripathi (Indian Institute of Technology) and Tannistha Samanta (FLAME University Pune)

1-2 pm Break
2-3 pm

Panel 3

Chair: Andreas Chatzidakis (Royal Holloway) and Catherine Rottenberg (University of Nottingham)

Radical Care: The Igorot Domestic Worker-Activists of Hong Kong

Jose Kervin Cesar B. Calabias (Lingnan University, Hong Kong)

Providers as Protestors: Expressions of Dissent by Care-workers

Aiman Haque (Self Employed Women’s Association, India)

An act of care “over here” and commodified labour “over there”: a transnational view of surrogacy in the UK

Meera Somji (LSE)

Conceptualizing practices of care: the case of female domestic workers in Ethiopia and Tanzania

Silvia Cirillo (University of Urbino Carlo Bo)


Roundtable on Covid19 and Care, chaired by Lynne Segal
3.30-5 pm Mothering the Crises: An exploration of the experiences of mothers working from home in the first national U.K. ‘lockdown’ during the Covid-19 pandemic

Daisy May Barker (Lancaster University)

The crisis of care in the COVID-19 global policy response

Esuna Dugarova (Policy specialist, UNDP, views presented in personal capacity)

The complexities of care(mongering): Virtually organized community care in response to COVID-19

Amy Kipp and Roberta Hawkins (University of Guelph)

Care trade-offs — deservingness between drug users, public health and Covid-19

Eana Meng and Johannes Lenhard (University of Cambridge)


14 MAY 2021

Please note there are parallel sessions on this day.

9.45-10 am Welcome and introduction
10-11.30 am
A1: Care and Reproduction Moderator: Clare Walsh

Who cares? Exploring the various facets of the care burden for rural women in Atakora, Benin

Rijak Grover (University of Cambridge)

Contests of Care: A Feminist Analysis of Surrogacy in India

Manjari Sahay (Independent researcher)

Understanding Female Paid and Unpaid Work in India

Anjana Thampi (O.P.Jindal Global University, India)

Childcare provision as an intergenerational project: the gendered and generational division of childcare labour in urban Chinese families

Kankan Zhang (University of Cambridge)

A2: Care and the Self Moderator: Asiya Islam

The Ethics of Self-Care. Risk, Responsibility and Reproductive Agency in Chile

Martina Yopo Díaz (Universidad Diego Portales, Chile)

Queering care: disrupting the gendered assumptions of care’s implicit power dynamics

Susan MacDougall (University of Cambridge)

Self care as a public act of mothering: Auto ethnography of an Online Parenting Support Group

Smitha Nair (Tata Institute of Social  Sciences, Mumbai) and Rajesh Kalarivayil (Tezpur University, Tezpur)

11.30 am-12 pm Break
12-1.30 pm
B1: Languages of Care Moderator: Asiya Islam

Care and Control: Migrant Women under Protection in Metropolitan India

Rani Rohini Raman and Mithun Som (Anveshi Research Centre for Women’s Studies, Hyderabad, India)

Memes and Mother Goddesses: The Social Life of Care on Indian New Media Platforms

Dibyadyuti Roy (IIT Jodhpur) and Madhurima Das (BITS Pilani)

When care turns into control: Reflections on governance feminism in the Philippine anti-trafficking sector

Sharmila Parmanand (LSE)

B2: Care in the Liminal Moderator: Clare Walsh

Repair and reuse: re-configuring emotional relationships with household objects

Tomas Errazuriz (Universidad Andrés Bello), Ricardo Greene (Universidad de Las Américas), Florencia Muñoz (IIAC-EHESS), Ruben Jacob (Universidad de Chile)

‘Care Corridors’: Dual Bordering Process of Care Migration in Central Europe

Petra Ezzeddine (Charles University in Prague) and Zuzana Uhde (Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences)

Children in the liminal: the social life of adoptive care in Poland

Anna Witeska-Młynarczyk (University of Warsaw)

1.30-2 pm Break
2-3.30 pm
C1: Governing Care Moderator: Yasmeen Arif

Visions of a Caring Democracy: The Place of Representation

Sophie Harbour (University of Cambridge)

Feeding Babies, Making the State: Breastmilk as Political Substance in Ethiopia

Sarah Howard (University of Birmingham)

(De)Valuing care: shifting practices of human resource management in Zambia’s mining sector

Emma Lochery (University of Liege)

Building Care Narratives in Latin America

Mariana de Santibañes (New York University)

C2: Care, Kinship, and the State Moderator: Asiya Islam

Violence of Care: Afghan Foreign Fighters in Iran

Ahmad Moradi (École des hautes études en sciences sociales)

“I don’t want to be a hero”: the sound of an unspeakable voice

Jeferson Scabio (Museu Nacional/ Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)


Opening Conversation: Envisioning Care
4-5.30 pm Joan Tronto, Lyn Ossome, and Mary Evans, chaired by Alpa Shah


15 MAY 2021

Please note there are parallel sessions on this day.

10-11.30 am
D1: Care and work Moderator: Yasmeen Arif

Beauty and its Discontent: Gender, class and aesthetic labour in Kolkata

Henrike Donner (Goldsmiths)

Jellyfish antics: trans stylists and beauty salons in the Colombian Insular Caribbean

Ange La Furcia (University of Cambridge)

Pakikipagkapwa: The Filipino value of care as driving force throughout the Filipino migrant journey

Mari-An C. Santos (Independent researcher)

D2: Care and compensation Moderator: Asiya Islam

Valuing Care in Carers’ Own Terms: A Transnational Inquiry

Giulia Armiero (University of Cambridge)

Remittances as social practices of care: what happens in times of crisis?

Elaine Chase (UCL Institute of Education) and Kavita Datta (QMUL)

Social Policies, Care and emotions

Angélica De Sena, Andrea Dettano y Rebeca Cena (CONICET – National Council Of Scientific And Technical Research)

Can the architecture of a monetary system evoke care?

Kai Roland Green (Roskilde University)

11.30 am-12 pm Break


12-1.30 pm
E1: Care and Activism Moderator: Siby Warrington

The Affective Politics of Care in Trans Crowdfunding

Chris Barcelos (University of Massachusetts)

Bisexual Activism: A Love Story

Duc Dau (University of Western Australia)

To feed: care practices between love and hope

Adrián Scribano, Aldana Boragnio and Guido Diligenti (National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Argentina)

Practicing Critical Compassion Under Constraint: Egypt’s Care with Love

Rebecca Skreslet Hernandez (Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, Cambridge)

E2: Care and Institutions Moderator: Asiya Islam

Public Library Workers, Unconditional Hospitality and Shared Leadership

John A. Bruce and Barbara Adams (Parsons School of Design, the New School)

Horizons of Care: following the temporal lines of care in activist practice

Amy Clark (University of Kent)

Feminist care work for and against the neoliberal university: a social reproduction perspective

Lili Schwoerer (LSE)

1.30-2 pm Break
2-3.30 pm
F1: Doing Care Moderator: Siby Warrington

Care Municipalism: Exploring the Potentials for Addressing the Care Crisis

Emma Dowling (University of Vienna) and Jo Littler (City University of London)

New horizons for the democratization of care in Barcelona

Natalia Garrido Skurkowicz (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)

Please, don’t call it care!’: Ethnographic and theoretical insights at the intersection of disability studies and feminist thinking

Claudia Hartman (University of Oxford)

F2: Materialities of Care Moderator: Asiya Islam

Trust Issues: A micro-history of community-based institutions of care in colonial Bombay

Ranjit Kandalgaonkar (Independent artist and researcher)

More-Than-Human Care: The Biopolitics of Plant Disease in Spanish Almonds

Emily Reisman (University at Buffalo)

The transformations of care in light of the pandemic in Chile: results of CUIDAR  study about times, forms, and spaces of care within the households

Sebastian Rojas Navarro (Universidad Andres Bello, Chile); Maria Alejandra Energici (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile); Nicolas Schongut-Grollmus (Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile); Samanta Alarcon Arcos (Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Chile)


Closing conversation: Rethinking care around the globe
4-5.30 pm Chair: Clare Walsh

Revitalising sociological perspectives on care: an ecological approach

Sophie Bowlby, Linda McKie & Sue Lewis (Reading University and Loughborough University)

The circuits of care: “profession”, “obligation”, “help”

Nadya Araujo Guimaraes (University of Sao Paulo)

Expanding Our Emotional Vocabulary: Connective Labor and the Politics of Feelings in Care-Work

Allison Pugh (University of Virginia)

Cartographies of Care: New horizons for healthcare built on local social infrastructures

Nikita Simpson (LSE)

5.30-5.45 pm Concluding remarks

Bev Skeggs (Lancaster University)