Global conversation on 'care'

Contributing to the emerging scholarship on care in various disciplines, this international conference on 'The Social Life of Care' drew attention to the varied registers of care around the globe – how is care conceptualised, practiced, and represented in different geographical, social, economic, and political contexts? Using the history, contemporary representations, and circulation of discourse of care in diverse contexts as an entry point, the discussion revisited the ‘fundamentals of care’ – is care fundamentally non-transactional? Is care fundamentally emotional? Is care fundamentally gendered? The conference engaged with varied methodological and analytical approaches to care through the work of scholars in disciplines, such as, public health, sociology, geography, anthropology, and economics. These discussions open up space for reflection on the future of care – both a taking account of the implications of a care-less society and an envisioning of a society built upon the foundations of care.